Holiday House with a Private Wood For Sale at Porto Cesareo

Private sells pretty little detached house used for holidays house with a garden, located at Saint Isidoro, one km far from Porto Cesareo and going on foot 5 minutes to seaside.

You can arrive to the sea by a little country road accessible by the back of the structure also.



The little detached house can accommodate at the most 14 people ( 10 in the large flat, 4 in the two rooms).

If you desire to buy the little detached house at Porto Cesareo for letting and causing income or where you can spend your holidays, or where settle, contact us and fix an appointment to come and see it by yourself, we are sure you’ll be amazed at the beauties of place agreeably.

The house is immersed in a 5000 metres green wood protected by a boundary wall (local dry wall) circumscribing all the circumference of the property.

Palm trees, pine, fir-tree, mimosa, eucalypt, jucca, cicas, dwarf palms, aloe, and so on.

On the back of the park there is also a little olive-grove ( big trees+ 50 little trees planted few years ago) and an orchard.

Photos of the wood garden

Built-up area has a cover of 128 metres, divided in a two rooms ( 4 bed space) and a flat (10 bed space), not connected in any way one from the other ( in common only the wood garden).

As the flat as the two rooms have a distinct and separate arcade with tables and chairs, a wooden oven with barbecue outside.

The flat is 86 square metres, while the two rooms is 42, for a total of 128 square metres disposed on the ground- floor on the only level.

Photos of outside of the built-up area

You can arrive at the seaside on foot easily through a little excavated road on the back of the house.

Villa Paradiso is in Saint- Isidoro sea zone nearest to Porto Cesareo (district Termite, S.P.112) between country and Mediterranean hush.

There are all comforts in it: electric gate, alarm, an artesian well, independent heating and air- conditioning, thermic solar panels, 2 outside barbecues, two arcades with tables and chairs ( one for the flat and one for the two rooms).

Thanks to the double wall( wall is 50 cm thick) and to the 10 cm filled with insulating sheath air space, the flat has an energetic class A+.
Plan of the House

plan of the holiday house villa paradiso

Interior composition


The large flat has three bed rooms: 1 double room with enclosed bath and 2 single rooms.
If you want you can add 2 others bed places (bunk bed just in), while in the two single rooms there is space in each one to put until 3 bed places.
Then there is a large hall with a fireplace ( with three tables, chairs, sofa, tv), one kitchen (with a cooking plane, oven, table, refrigerator, wash-basin and kitchen wall units, pots, crockery, cutlery), a second large bath.
Outside there is a large independent arcades (about 70 square metres) with tables and chairs, in front of there is a wooden oven and barbecue only for the flat.

Two rooms unit

The independent one is optimized to have 4 bed places comfortably . It is so composed: a little room with two bed places, a large room with cooking corner (gas-kitchen with oven, pots, crockery, cutlery, refrigerator), table, chairs, and two others bed places (double room), a bath with shower.

The entrance to the two rooms is independent , while the large wood garden remains in common (nevertheless its big dimensions give the largest privacy).

Outside there is a little independent arcade (30 square metre s about) with tables and chairs, in front of there is also a wooden oven and barbecue only for two rooms unit.

Laundry zone

The washing-machine is in common it is inside a box in the court; the place to hung out is independent (one for the flat and one for the unit).

Every bed room as those in the large flat as in the unit’s ones have tv; every environnement has a large window that looks onto the garden and onto the little wood, making you have a pleasant and relaxing view.

Interior Photos


Photos of two rooms unit interiors

Will you know more? Do you want more information? Would you like coming to see the building?

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